Indy House Gets It Right

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It was hard to get Selek to stop long enough for this picture!

In the 20 months or so since first opening its doors, Indy House has created something special in the Russian Market area – and if you’re lucky enough to get a seat during lunchtime you’ll be treated to a carnivore’s dream – one of the best value-for-money meals available.  The venue is small, the menu is basic, the service is friendly and the prices are low; and business is booming.

From the beginning, the 3 owners Watcharin “Pui” Suwannathup, his wife, Pattarasiri “Ohh” Viriyasiri and Sitthiphat “Selek” Buchavong have been determined to keep their restaurant as ‘green’ as they possibly could.  The furniture was built by the owners from repurposed wooden pallets, have used biodegradable food boxes from the beginning and also offer a $0.50 discount if you bring your own take-away box.  When asked how they deal with the use of plastic cups, the answer was simple – they use glass for their on-site customers and don’t offer take-away drinks.   It’s easy enough for people to get that elsewhere, or already have at home.

It’s easy to find – look for the crowds on street 135 (between 450 and 454).  They’re open from 12-3pm each day, and reopen from 4pm until the food runs out…but take Tuesday’s off.  Only One Planet is proud to work with Indy House and support their vision for a plastic free business…we love to see such down-to-earth, friendly people who go the extra mile to care for the planet succeed.  We hope you’ll support them too!

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