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we only have one planet...
let's take care of it

More and more people are looking for environmental alternatives when it comes to daily use products.  Cambodia has a real dependency on single-use items:  Styrofoam containers, plastic bags, cups, straws and cutlery – each and every piece detracts from the natural beauty of Cambodia and adds to the severe pollution problems we see around us every day. As the leading green business in Cambodia, Only One Planet (formerly Ecosense) provides a wide range of eco-friendly products to businesses and individuals. We believe that if each of us makes just a few small changes, together we can have a significant impact on the environment around us.  Have a look at our range of green products and biodegradable food containers and become part of the movement towards responsible consumption. We are constantly expanding our range, so visit the site often!

Only one planet is a registered business with an ngo heart. we measure our success by impact, not profit.

Our impact

Styrofoam food boxes

Replaced with home compostable sugarcane boxes, bowls and lids.

Plastic Cutlery

Replaced with all natural wooden knives, spoons and forks.

Plastic Straws

Replaced with recycled paper or noodle (rice flour) straws.

Single Use Home Items

Replaced with chemical free silicone – coffee cups, food boxes, and more.

Glass Recycled
1 kgs

Through the Pay It Forward Community Glass Recycling Programme.

Events & Workshops

Eco Drinks, school and NGO workshops, movie screenings and more.

our total impact


We’re pretty happy with the impact our small business makes – but we can (and will) do more!  Please follow our Facebook page to learn about ongoing projects, collaborations and initiatives.

Please visit to learn how you can support eco friendly businesses,  find recycling resources, calculate your eco impact and learn about the topics that appeal to you.  Know Better, Do Better.

environmental awareness makes a difference.

At Only One Planet, we know that it will take much more than products to make a lasting impact.  That’s why we work to raise awareness about the effects of pollution on our one and only planet, and offer effective, green alternatives.  By working with, and supporting other like-minded groups, we believe that we can be part of the movement that leads to sustainable behavioral changes.  Cambodia’s youth are the leaders of tomorrow, and we firmly believe in their ability and motivation to improve their future and preserve the Kingdom’s natural beauty.   

Small acts, multiplied by millions of people can transform the world